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Prevention is protection!

We know you love your pet and you want the very best veterinary care for them.

These are our top 4 recommendations for keeping your pet as healthy as can be!


Not just for puppies, adults need vaccines too! Vaccines teach your pet’s own immune system to fight commonly found viruses and diseases, such as parvovirus and feline viral rhinotracheitis. By strengthening the immune system, your pet is far less likely to get sick if they do encounter such diseases. Click HERE to learn more about vaccines.


Because vaccines affect the immune system, it’s recommended they are done when your pet is healthy and has no medical concerns.


Hawaii is a rabies free state! Click HERE to read more about rabies vaccination and titer and travel requirements.

Image by Krista Mangulsone
Heartworm Testing and Prevention

Mosquitoes transmit heartworms and Hawaii has a lot of mosquitoes!

Heartworm disease can affect any animal at any age and can be fatal, but it is easily preventable! From monthly pills to year-long injectable medications, we can help you find the right heartworm prevention plan for your pet.


Heartworm tests are an in-house blood test done annually for heartworm screening and to prescribe prevention medications. We do see several cases of heartworm positive dogs a year and highly recommend all pets be monitored annually and are consistently on heartworm prevention. Click HERE to learn more about heartworms

Flea Prevention and Deworming

Fleas can cause numerous issues from mild skin irritation to hair loss, severe allergic dermatitis, and anemia. Over-the-counter flea medications may not be sufficient protection. If your pet is experiencing itching, chewing, or hair loss around the hind end, it may be fleas. 


Pets can also acquire intestinal worms from fleas and their environment. Commonly seen in puppies with big bellies or as white specks in your pet’s stool, intestinal worms can cause diarrhea, weight loss, or anemia. 


Flea and deworming prevention often comes combined in 1 easy, monthly pill! Ask your doctor about the right prevention for your pet during your next visit.

Annual Exams

Annual exams are a great way to check in with your pet’s health as they age. During an annual exam, the doctor can check your pet from head to toe including: eyes, teeth, heart, lungs, joints and mobility, body condition, lumps and bumps. We strive to address concerns before they become a problem. For your senior pet, we can also offer routine blood screenings to monitor internal health, such as liver, kidney, thyroid, and blood glucose. Call our clinic to schedule your pet’s annual exam.

Annual exams are also required to continue establishment with our clinic. They allow your pet uninterrupted access to continued ongoing prescriptions and after-hours emergency care.

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